Pre 300,000 Survey Plans

ICS is able to offer the users of survey plans, a bulk electronic copy of pre 300,000 survey plans, as imaged by LINZ for the Landonline system.

These are now made available in national sets including all 13 land districts.

Some of the advantages of having your own copy of these images are:

The package includes an Index program that allows quick and simple access to the plans, and works over your office network.

ICS invites you to use the enclosed calculator sheet to determine the cost of having a set of your pre 300,000 survey plan requirements for your office.

Note that the images are stored in large 'Library' files. These large library files are easier to manage than several thousand individual files. The individual images can be extracted from the library files using our simple Cadastral Index application (see below).


As the images are Crown Copyright, the Institute has a legal obligation to ensure that recipients of the images agree to the Conditions of Supply

To Order, simply print this order form, fill it out and send it in along with your completed calculator sheet, showing which districts are required.

Cadastral Index

The Cadastral Index is an application that provides a quick and easy way to find the image you are looking for. The Index is included with all orders.

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