President's Reports

The following are President's Reports delivered to the AGM - a yearly review of the actions and reactions on matters important to the Institute.

Description Updated Link
2012 Ponderings Aug 2012 Download
President's Report 2013
Aug 2013
President's Report 2014
Aug 2014 Download
President's Report 2015
Aug 2015 Download
President's Ponderings 2015 Nov 2015 Download
President's Report 2016 Aug 2016 Download
President's Report 2017 Aug 2017 Download
President's Report 2018 Aug 2018 Download
President's Report 2019
Aug 2019
President's Report 2020
Aug 2020
President's Report 2021
Oct 2021

Media Releases

Read the press releases issued by the Institute of Cadastral Surveying Inc. about issues and items of note concerning cadastral surveying matters.

Topic Title Date Link
Boundary Definition Property Boundaries will be Affected by Earthquakes 22 Dec 2016 Download
Boundary Definition -
Additional Information
What you should know about your Property Boundaries when the Land Moves 22 Dec 2016 Download


Historic annual newsletters which are a summary of the issues, projects and activities of the Institute. Since December 2017 the Institute has published to members a monthly newsletter, the ICS Express. Back issues of this are posted on the ICS Field Notes Forum here.If you are a member and you are not receiving the ICS Express please let the secretary know by emailing

Description Updated Link
July 2013 Newsletter
July 2013 Download
July 2014 Newsletter
July 2014 Download
June 2015 Newsletter
June 2015 Download
ICS Logo Change
June 2015 Download
Feb 2016 Newsletter Feb 2016 Download
May 2016 Newsletter May 2016 Download
August 2016 Newsletter Aug 2016 Download
August 2017 Newsletter Aug 2017 Download

Committee Actions:

2010: Legislation - ICS Complaint: Rules for Cadastral Survey

ICS Complaint: Rules for Cadastral Survey Version
ICS Complaint regarding Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010 -
May 2010 Download
Report of Regulation Review Committee -
Nov 2010 Download
2010 Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010 - Amendment Submission (ICS) 1.0
Sept 2012 Download

Feb 2016:  Legislation - Canterbury Property Boundaries and Related Matters Bill
            The ICS written submission is here.
            {see also the ICS Forum "Field Notes" for discussion}

Oct 2016:  Legislation - Proposed Rules for Cadastral Survey for Greater Christchurch
            The ICS written submission is here.
            {see also the ICS Forum "Field Notes" for discussion}

Workshop Information:

2021 Workshop:

The 2021 Workshop was to have been held in Dunedin however after being once postponed due to a Level 4 lockdown, it was eventually cancelled.

2020 Workshop:

The 2020 Workshop was held at the Copthorne Oriental Hotel in Wellington. What was looking to be a near-record attendance was thwarted by the extended Level 3 Covid19 lockdown restrictions for Auckland and the subsequent cancellation of Jetstar flights from all main centres.  Nevertheless, 11 ICS Members attended, along with 2 additional members via a “Zoom” on-line meeting platform.  Another eight guests joined us throughout the day for the Workshop sessions to present on a variety of cadastral topics. As has been the case in recent years LINZ in particular gave generously of their time with four speakers covering a range of topics from historical case law through current Landonline compliance to the future in the form of STEP.

The full programme was as follows:

Description Presenter
ICS Strategic Planning Review
Brent George (ICS Secretary)
CSLB Update
Vicki Nalder  (CSLB Chair)
Water Centreline Boundaries
Anselm Haanen (Surveyor-General)
Andrew Fenney(LINZ
STEP Update
Georgina Beattie (LINZ)
CSD Compliance trends and feedback
Mike Morris (LINZ)
Professional Indeminity Insurance
Colin McElwain (LPMS)
Katische Remnant (AON NZ Ltd)
Putting Baldwin Street back in the Record Books
Toby Stoff (Clarke Fortune McDonald & Associates)

2019 Workshop:

For the 2019 Workshop the ICS returned to Christchurch, albeit to a new venue (The Commodore Hotel)  on 31 August 2019. The best attended ICS Workshop yet, there were members present from across Aotearoa and even some local surveyors from outside the ICS. There were a diverse range of presentations, highlights being Lyndon Telfer's first public unveiling of the first draft of the new Rules for Cadastral Survey and Carl Fox's presentation on business contingency planning, which was a topic of much discussion during the social segments of the day.

The full programme was as follows:

Description Presenter
Business Contingency Planning
Carl Fox (Fox & Associates Ltd)
s.224 RMA Certification
Paul Lowe (Christchurch City Council)
Rules for Cadastral Survey Update
Lyndon Telfer (LINZ)
Marginal Strips
Lloyd  McGarvey (LINZ)
Definition Techniques for Water Boundaries
Diagrams on Transfer
Tony Nikkel (LINZ)
Limited Titles
Searching for Old Marks
Pat Sole (Pat Sole Surveying)
Aspects of Unit Titles
Alex Liggett (Fox & Associates Ltd)
Mark Geddes (TL Survey Services Ltd)
Reuben Vos (Access Land Surveying Ltd)

2018 Workshop:

For the 2018 Workshop the ICS ventured away from the Christchurch for the first time, and the workshop was held in the Devon Hotel, New Plymouth on 25 August 2018. A day of very high quality workshop sessions followed the AGM, at which two new committee members were elected. Highlights were a presentation by CSLB Chair Vicki Nalder on some of the recent concerns of the CSLB, and an excellent session on limited titles from ICS President Pat Sole. This was followed by socialising and dinner to the background of the Black Ferns and All Blacks steamrolling their Australian counterparts.

The full programme was as follows:

Description Presenter
Landonline - Behind the Scenes Georgina Beattie (LINZ)
ASaTS Progress Update James Mowat (LINZ)
ASaTS/Landonline - Key Issues and Opportunities Nick Stillwell (LINZ/NZIS)
Cadastral Surveyors Licensing Board - Trends and Issues Vicki Nalder (CSLB)
Cadastral and Technology Impacts Colin Jackson (Bland & Jackson)
Limited Titles - Issues and Strategies Pat Sole (Pat Sole Surveying)
Christchurch Quake Aftermath AJ Cowie (Topografo)
Review of the RCS - Stage 2 Part 1 Bruce Speirs (Land Services Group) 
Cadastral Examples and Issues Brent George (Resonant)

2017 Workshop:

The 2017 Workshop was held at the Sudima Hotel in Christchurch on 26th August 2017.  Following the AGM, at which new executive officers were elected, another great day of CPD was enjoyed by all, including a session on ASaTS with a briefing from LINZ and the results of our member survey.

The presentations were as follows:

Description Presenter
ASaTS - Son of Landonline James Mowat (LINZ)
Correction Surveys Mark Geddes (TL Surveys)
GIS – 3D Visualisation and applications to web based technology  Kurt Janssen (Orbica)
Survey definition and problem solving session Brent George (KOA)
Christchurch definitions (High Court examples) AJ Cowie (Topografo)
RCS2010 review Bruce Speirs (Land Services Group) 

2016 Workshop:

The 2016 Workshop was held at the new and improved Sudima Hotel in Christchurch on 27th August 2016.  Following the AGM, an interesting programme of workshop topics were covered, including a facilitated introspection on the Direction of the ICS.  After a delightful dinner, most members then enjoyed watching the All Blacks second convincing victory over the Wallabies!!!

The presentations were as follows:

Description Presenter
Graduate Training Alex Liggett (Fox and Associates)
RCS 2016 - An Update Bruce Speirs (Land Services Group)
Equipment - GNSS and Robotic Total Stations Mike Wilson (Accuarate Instruments)
The Direction of the ICS Lyall Lukey (Lukey Resources)
The Misuse of GNSS in Cadastral Surveying Brent George (KOA)
London Olympic Venue 2012 Mark Geddes (TL Surveys)

2015 Workshop:

The 2015 Workshop was again held at the Sudima Hotel in Christchurch on 29 August 2015.  After the AGM, attendees enjoyed a varied programme of speakers and topics.
The presentations were as follows:

Description Presenter
Chris Hoogsteden Award Proposal Simon Jenkin
Cadastral Definitions in Christchurch Brent George (ICS/NZIS Working Group - Earthquake Affected Boundaries)
Thinking Outside the Square - The Non-traditional or
Innovative Use of Survey Technology
Tony Nikkel (Nikkel Surveying Ltd)
Drone Use in Surveying Jared Reeves (Overview Surveying)
Detailed Data Analysis Adrian Cowie (Topografo Ltd)
Hydrographic Control in the Auckland Islands Brent George (Andersen & Associates - A Division of KOA Ltd)

2014 Workshop:

The 2014 Workshop was held at the Sudima Hotel in Christchurch on 30 August 2014.  After the AGM, attendees enjoyed a varied programme of presentations.
A copy of the minutes will be distributed to Members in due course.
Summaries of the papers presented will be uploaded below as they become available:

Description Presenter
Cadastral Surveyor Licensing Alex Liggett  (Andersen & Associates)
Significant Failures - s7(1)(d) Tony Nikkel (CSLB)
LINZ Survey & Titles - Operations and Requistion Rates Lyndon Telfer and Don McKinnon (LINZ)
Limited as to Parcels - Case Study Part 2 Simon Jenkin
Equipment Trends Brian Shanahan
ICS Future Projects Mark Geddes 

2013 Workshop:

The 2013 Workshop was held at the Sudima Hotel in Christchurch on 24 August 2013.  After the AGM, attendees enjoyed a varied programme of presentations.  Summaries of the papers presented are as follows:

Description Size Presenter Link
Internet Security, Websites and Operating Systems
33kb Aaron May - MTech
LTA Review / Cadastral Survey Dataset Structure
253kb Bruce Speirs - Land Services Group Ltd
ICS CSD-definition.PDF
408kb ICS Download
LandonLine and an Expanded Cadastre
30kb James Mowat - Land Information NZ